Bernd Engberding’s choice of subjects inextricably entangle the past and the present. Symbolic tokens, unanimously mythological and archaic, correlated to picture-writing, and originating to some extent from animism and divine worship, are presented in a superimposed and juxtaposed fashion. This depiction clearly reveals how threateningly wide the gap between spiritual experience and instrumental reason has become. Likewise, an undogmatic and holistic reflection of the world is granted a pictorial representation, which deserves the denomination "natural philosophy".


"My art deals with aspects of human communication by using old written symbols from various cultures that to a large extent represent the human condition as well as divinity. The sheer wealth of forms at my disposal is fascinating. There are dozens of completely different interpretations of each subject-matter. To me they are a part of human history, a first abstract artisitic manifestation. They symbolise the values appreciated by members of ancient cultures. I have always found it enthralling to take shapes per se from their two-dimensionality and present them as space-consuming sculptures. In this manner I chose the opposite way by endowing physical presence to the symbols. Wood is a preferred material as its lively structure adds an unpredictable element."